We want to make sure that the service we offer and the results our products deliver meet the expectations of our advertisers.  Please help us by completing this short survey - it should only take a couple of minutes and your feedback will remain confidential.
  You recently advertised in the Wakefield Express.  How did you make your booking?
  Where did you advertise?  Please tick all that apply.
  Did our sales representative tell you about our website?
  Which of the following best describes your relationship with us?
  How happy were you with your recent advertisement in terms of...
  The print quality of your advertisement          

  Where we placed your advertisement          

  How we handled your booking          

  The response generated by your advertisement          

  The value-for-money of your advertisement          
  Were you confident in the abilities of the sales representative that dealt with your booking?
  To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements...
  The sales representative understood my objectives          

  The Wakefield Express is a good local newspaper          

  I would consider advertising in the Wakefield Express again          

  The Wakefield Express delivers results          
That's the end of the survey.  Please now click 'submit'.
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